Artificial intelligence continues to play an increasingly major role in society as a whole. From AI consumer support chat boxes on businesses’ websites to smart email categorization options to banks offering mobile check deposits, artificial intelligence has made its way into many aspects of daily life. 

When it comes to the rising utilization of artificial intelligence to improve digital platforms, Web and mobile apps are no exception. Implementing AI into your app can help you make your app more engaging, exciting, and functional for consumers. Keep reading to learn how AI can transform your app for the better with these top 5 ways your app can benefit from AI. 

1. Automated Reasoning 

Artificial intelligence doesn’t have reasoning skills like the average human, but it can use automated reasoning based on calculations, algorithms, and other data. 

AI can use automated reasoning to help answer questions for your consumers and solve any problems that they might have. Automated reasoning from artificial intelligence helps improve the productivity of your app and can increase users’ satisfaction with their experience using your app. 

2. Automated Recommendations 

Major sites like Netflix and Amazon use artificial intelligence to make automated recommendations for their users. On Netflix, AI decides which movies to recommend to you based on your stated preferences and watch history. On Amazon, AI shows you products you might be interested in buying based on your search and order history. 

Automated recommendations inspire consumers and help direct them to similar products/services/etc. that might be useful, interesting, or enjoyable for them. You can introduce an automated recommendation feature to your app to help improve your customers’ overall experience with your app and keep them coming back to engage with your app again and again. 

3. Improved Security 

You can improve the security of your app for your consumers by introducing artificial intelligence security features to your app. One of the most popular, widely used, and useful AI security features are introducing facial recognition abilities to your app in order to safeguard login attempts for your consumers. 

Implementing artificial intelligence into your app to improve your app’s security can help you avoid major consequences down the line—like data breaches, hacking and spamming issues, etc.—and increase your users’ trust in your app and its privacy. 

4. Increased Personalization 

One of the biggest benefits of AI in apps is the increased personalization of the user experience. 

Adding artificial intelligence to your app can allow your app’s users to personalize their experience with your app. Every time a user engages with your app, the AI in your app learns from that users’ habits to better engage and direct them when they return. This makes your app more helpful for users and improves users’ overall experience with your app. 

5. Overall Optimized Experience 

Introducing artificial intelligence to your app where it is beneficial leads to an overall optimized experience for the users of your app. 

Adding AI to your app allows users to benefit from increased personalization and customization, improved security, increased interaction and engagement, and more. Artificial intelligence allows your app’s users to get their questions answered faster, find what they’re looking for more quickly, and just generally improves your users’ experience with your app. If there’s anything that’s worth introducing to your app this year, it’s artificial intelligence. 

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